Best Way to Sleep with Broken Sternum.

Having a restful sleep with a fractured sternum is rather laborious. Your core muscles and arms will feel stiff, and the rib cage will be kept close for some time. In the initial stages of healing from a shattered sternum injury, your motion during sleep would be quite limited. In reality, you may encounter some breathing difficulties, as sternum pain doesn’t allow your chest to move. 

Getting a cracked sternum implies that the main bone, which is connected to the rib columns by cartilages, has separated from a high impact case. Because the sternum bone covers the vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, and other essential blood vessels, it is imperative to protect them from further injury.

Having enough rest and uninterrupted sleep throughout this period can speed up healing and prevent further injury.

Broken Sternum


It’s a difficult job to heal from a damaged sternum. The healing process for slight sternal fractures is approximately 6 to 10 weeks, depending on your bone strength and preexisting conditions. Ensure you get a lot of sleep because that will help you step up your healing. There is also a risk of illness and organ injury that may delay the healing time.

The short-term consequence of mild injuries is chest pain, which will linger for many weeks when the Sternum has been repaired. There could be a risk of lung infection owing to a lack of clearance of the phlegm leading to coughing difficulties.

For serious fractures, when the Sternum does not recover independently, the underlying tissues and essential organs, such as the heart and lungs, can be impaired. It can contribute to the creation of pseudarthrosis or a fake joint, which will need corrective surgery.

In relation, while back from a broken sternum, you may feel stiffness in your arms and shoulders due to a lack of immobility. So please ensure you get out of bed and walk for a few mins throughout the day.

It is dependent on the characteristics of the fracture you’ve suffered. In the event of a sternum breakage that does not require surgery, the pain will be less and limit your movement for a few weeks. In severe sternum fractures, additional discomfort and limitations can result, including suffering for months following surgery. When you experience sternum discomfort without an injury, receive professional treatment immediately.


Choosing an Optimal Sleeping Position


The most asked question is, how long does a fractured Sternum take to heal? Sternum injuries can take up to 6-10 weeks to heal; however, cracked sternum recovery can be a much longer journey. The Sternum hurts after sleeping, and any sudden movements during your sleep can cause damage. 


One of the best ways to relax with a broken Sternum is to be careful about the sleeping position you choose. 

Experts suggest using three pillows, one for under your head and one to place on each side, as you lay straight. I know many of us to find it uncomfortable to sleep on our back and will move around, which will cause sternum pain after sleeping. It is recommended that those people turn to one side, placing one pillow behind you and one in front, between your legs. It prevents you from rolling over in your sleep.


Restricting Your Movement during Sleep


Many people are concerned if you can crack your Sternum while sleeping? If you restrict your movement during sleep, there is no reason to worry about this question. There is no singular best way to sleep with a broken sternum, and it ranges from person to person. However, one thing that is advised universally is to sleep while sitting up. Many health care experts suggest the use of a ‘reading pillow.’ This pillow is ideally designed to keep your back upright in a comfortable position. 

This pillow can minimize the sternum pain after sleeping since the Sternum is in an ideal position. Similarly, one of the best ways to sleep with a broken sternum would be to just opt for sleeping on a recliner chair. Although it sounds bizarre, the recliner is ergonomically, so sleeping on it can ease a frequent complaint that the Sternum hurts after sleeping.


Increased Sleep


You read it right! However, although not under the best circumstances, now is the chance to catch up on your sleep. The most crucial step to cracked sternum recovery is to sleep as much as possible. While you are asleep, the immune system is working hard to prevent you from getting a chest infection as well as healing broken tissues and releasing hormones to ease the fractured sternum pain. 

People call it a miracle, but I say it’s the body’s very own soldiers fighting to cure and return the body to its ideal state. Can you crack your Sternum in your sleep if it is already injured? Not. It is the opposite. Once you are sleeping, the more rest and time you give your body, the faster you can bounce back to your old self. It is the best answer to people asking how to heal a broken sternum.




To heal, it is important to understand what a broken sternum is? The Sternum is the chest bone attached to your rib cage, giving it support and protecting your internal organs. When you talk about a broken sternum, it can refer to roughly two types of injuries, either a surgical or a non-surgical fracture. In both cases, people ask, how long does a fractured sternum take to heal? It takes three months to ease the fractured sternum pain, though it can vary depending on any complications.

In this situation, the best way to sleep with a broken sternum is to take medication aid. Most doctors prescribe pain medication, which provides temporary relief and helps you fall asleep easier. If your doctor has not prescribed you any medication, you can get over the counter medication which can make the process on how to heal a broken sternum smooth sailing.


Natural Remedies


While doctor’s guidance and their medication is a crucial part of the answer to can a cracked sternum heal, it is equally important to facilitate your body in healing. To do that, you must focus on natural remedies. The best way to sleep with a broken sternum is to be relaxed and calm before bedtime. There are many teas available that can aid you in sleeping, the most famous being chamomile tea. 

The tea can help put you in a more Zen and relaxed mindset, which helps you fall asleep faster and help you get an undisturbed sleep. Additionally, you can also place an ice pack on your chest for about 10 minutes every 1-2 hours before you want to fall asleep. So if you were wondering, can a cracked sternum heal, it most definitely can with the right tools.


Precautions While Your Sternum Is Healing


One integral part of a good night’s rest is the care you put into looking after your wounds. The chest area is especially sensitive and sore during the Sternum is healing, so it is essential to not aggravate the pain. During this period, you are advised not to drive, since the sudden car movements and the use of a seat belt can cause more damage than good. 

Similarly, it is recommended to forcibly cough gently each day despite the pain and keep your chest clear of all phlegm. It will prevent infections and help you to heal faster and be able to get a good night’s rest. You can also move around a little around your house as your body can tend to get sore from all that rest. This little exercise will bring you comfort as you lay still all night trying to sleep.


Be Careful While You Sneeze


Something that can easily be overlooked as you are busy focusing on other aspects of your injury is sneezing! We may not focus on our sneezes on an everyday basis, but we forget how much pressure a sneeze applies to our chest cavity, which can prove detrimental to your road to recovery. Experts suggest the use of a ‘nursing pillow’ whenever you need to sneeze.

This pillow is specially designed to absorb the pressure from your sneeze and ease the pain and discomfort caused to your Sternum. Although most people do not sneeze in deep REM sleep, it is common to be prone to sneezing in your light sleep, which you may not remember. Before sleeping, you can easily wrap this pillow around your chest if there are any mid-sleep sneezes you cannot control. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

It takes around ten weeks for most patients to heal completely. Some take as long as 12 weeks before they could even move and pick things up without pain. This amount of time off work is sure to be a challenge, particularly if you have hospital expenses for your accidents.



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